Welcome to Cloth Diaper Testing (.com) !

Thanks for visiting!  This site is still currently under construction so some pages are password protected, but check back often as more tests are done every day!

My name is Jaime Slocum, I'm a wife to my husband, a photographer to many New England pet owners (check me out at SlocumPhotography.com), an IT admin and an Operations Manager to the fine folks at BSC Supply LLC (check them out at BSC-supply.com they really are great people!) and in November 2012 I'll become a brand new mother to a lovely little girl that we like to call "Baby J."

With overwhelming support from my lovely husband, one choice we knew we wanted to make for our daughter was cloth diapers.  We met at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester MA where we were both pursuing engineering degrees so when we started to build our cloth diaper stash, we both really wanted to see some concrete testing and results for comfort, cost effectiveness and absorbency.  Unfortunately we couldn't find much on the great internet that really satisfied our scientific curiosity and thus clothdiapertesting.com was born.  

Follow along in the top navigation to see what testing we've done and what conclusions we've come too, hopefully we can help you make your cloth diaper decisions so you don't have to test ALL the options like we did!